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About us

Cold & Pure is a Valencian company based in Alboraya and our main objective is to restore its value to tap water and reduce the consumption of plastic bottles.

We manufacture design stylish fountains in different materials always in accordance with the existing decoration, in this way, we manage to perfectly integrate our furniture, creating unique hydration spaces.

Since 2018 we are specialized in collaborating with both public and private organizations, in their commitment to sustainability and the environment. 

Get to know us better

Our names are Pedro and Marco and we are friends for many years.

Our work paths were totally different, we worked in different sectors, but we always shared the same concern: Awareness of the millions of plastic bottles that are generated daily. So, we decided to do our bit and embark on this adventure.

We got down to work, studied the water sector in depth, contacted and visited the best suppliers of filters and machines in Europe, where we learned different filtration methods.

In 2018 we launched Cold & Pure. We bring quality water suitable to all types of pockets, revolutionizing and opening the way in Valencia, of the consumption of filtered water from the mains water.

Invest in your source of health

Cold&Pure collaborates in the social work of bringing citizens closer to quality, pure and refrigerated water, at any time, place, temperature and environment.
Pedro García
Cold & Pure Cofounder

Why to choose Cold & Pure?

We collaborate in the social work of bringing citizens closer to quality, pure and refrigerated water, anytime and anywhere.

Cutting-edge technology

We work with latest equipment and water filters, ensuring quality and efficiency.


We save the planet more than 40 tonnes of plastic waste per year and avoid around 400 tonnes of CO².

Our Designs

We offer customized, unique and exclusive designs of our water fountain systems.

Your Satisfaction

We dedicate continuous efforts to ensure the full satisfaction of our customers at all times.

CSR Policies

We fit into the Corporate Social Responsibility policies of public and private companies.

Purity and vitality in every sip

Cold & Pure is the smart choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Pureza y vitalidad en cada sorbo

Cold & Pure es la elección inteligente para un estilo de vida saludable.

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