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We flee from the conventional, we manufacture our fountains in harmony with the spaces, with state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

We create designs with different materials and colors always according to the existing decoration, so we manage to integrate our furniture anywhere, giving a touch of distinction while providing a space where you can enjoy the water.

We only use environmentally friendly, efficient and zero-impact technologies. The combination of the chosen technologies allows us to offer pure and cold water with all the guarantees of quality, taste and smell, while maintaining its characteristics and essential mineralization.

We are pioneers in the sector

Experts in the supply of large quantities of water, we are pioneers in the Valencian Community in the service of refrigerated water in school canteens.

We have extensive experience in the sector, we were the first to opt for and promote microfiltration over conventional osmosis, and we were also pioneers in touch-less fountains, manually operated furniture, which avoid direct contact of users with the furniture, thus eliminating the transmission of all types of viruses.

We are in continuous movement and innovation.

Complete project cycle

We offer our customers what they need most, peace of mind. We take care of the entire cycle, focusing on an unbeatable technical service with a quick response.


Needs analysis.

We strive to understand your needs and conduct a detailed analysis to ensure your full satisfaction.


Tailor-made plan design.

Customization is key to designing a tailor-made plan, tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results.


Installation and set in motion.

We ensure a smooth installation and efficient set in motion of the fountains, guaranteeing a quality result.


Operation and maintenance.

We offer solid guarantees of the service, operation and maintenance of the fountains, ensuring quality, efficiency and durability.


Information and monitoring of indicators.

We provide you detailed information and monitoring of indicators that ensure optimal performance and quality.

Invest in your source of health

Who we work for

We provide our services to private companies, public entities and individuals.

School canteens


Sporting Events

Private Homes and Private Spaces

Events & Conventions

Buildings and public spaces

Any question?


Of course, we offer a daily rental service, so you can organize your event without using bottled water.

No, our technicians will install the necessary fountains without works, in addition, after the event we will leave everything as we found it.

Of course. In our product range, we have a variety of fountains designed specifically for outdoor use, which are distinguished by being made of various materials.

Functionality Guarantee

In short, our wide selection of outdoor fountains offers suitable options for every need and preference, ensuring both functionality and aesthetics in any outdoor environment.

Yes, we have extensive experience in supplying large quantities of people.

First of all, we will do a location analysis and identify the optimal installation points and the necessary equipment, to finally carry out the installation.

Yes, we have run many races and avoided the use of thousands of plastic bottles, Cold&Pure Running will make sure that your run would be perfect.

Originality is our raison d’être, we will design the fountains accordingly and with materials that fit each environment.

Of course, we are currently in more than 50 schools in the Valencian Community, we also offer services in several universities, residences, etc…

Yes, we love customizing our fountains because for us each one is special and unique.

Yes, we can install small equipment under the sink so that you have great filtered water, and if you want cold water as well.

We love challenges, we find solutions in all kinds of scenarios, we are eager to hear your idea and get to work on it.

We are very proud to be one of the first companies to release a “No Touch” version. During the recent pandemic many fountains were closed, when designing our own fountains, with a dedicated innovation team, we released a model in record time that was used normally during the COVID period.

Purity and vitality in every sip

Cold & Pure is the smart choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Pureza y vitalidad en cada sorbo

Cold & Pure es la elección inteligente para un estilo de vida saludable.

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